Ella is a young woman of the world. She was born in France and spent her early years there before moving to Cameroon and living there until 2008, when the family moved to Canada. She is of Cameroonian origin on the father side and mainly Congolese on the mother side.

At the age of 14, she took her first steps in the world of acting and it’s love at first sight! On the other hand, she is discouraged from taking this path by pushing her towards a more “stable” career. So she decided to start a bachelor’s degree in management and design…but her passion keeps showing up and her passage on a set gives her the sting for good! So she enrolled in several acting on cam masterclasses and solid of her learnings, she decided to join the agency. Her perfect bilingualism as well as her singing skills are all assets that she has to offer.

Ella is full of a natural talent and a potential that are just waiting to be put to good use.