This beautiful girl with twinkling eyes is rich in talent. Jessy is fluently bilingual in French and English, without any accent, motivated and skilled with an acute sensitivity allowing her to embody a wide range of emotions. From a very young age, she demonstrated her versatility through multiple interests: competitive figure skating, gymnastics, singing and modeling, among many others.

One of the peculiarities of Jessy is her tiny physique. This characteristic allows her to play younger roles, but with the maturity of her real age. The ladder allowed her to play the young girl for the ‘’Grand spectacle de la Fête Nationale 2022’’, a tribute to René Lévesque, live on stage in front of thousands of people and rebroadcasted on TVA.

To say the least, she is brilliant and excels at everything she does. To support this, she moved from grade six directly to Secondary 2 last year. She will also move from English-language to French-language education this year to go into a sports study program. Jessy in a few words: An explosion of talent !