Realizing her natural artistic abilities, Katilé, at only six years old, embraces dancing. For more than 12 years, she trained at the notorious RMT Dance Academy of Port-Au-Prince. There, she learned Latin Dances, Ballet, Jazz, Tango, Hip-Hop and Traditional Haitian dances. She obtained her first lead role for the Ballet Ti Sainte-Anise at age 10. Early on, her love for the stage was nurtured by her determination and growing passion. This motivated her three years later to enroll in McGill University’s Theatre Summer Program which culminated in a stage production directed by Shauna Bonaduce. She played Antigone. As a result, she was offered roles in Theatre, Dance and Singing. Well before studying at Concordia University, Katilé already knew she wanted to live an artistic career. In 2018, she obtained with Distinction her Bachelor in Fine Arts with a Specialization in Theatre Performance. Towards completing her Bachelor Degree, she had the opportunity to discover on-Camera acting : it was love at first sight ! In 2019, she leaved to pursue her studies at the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television. Professors and Casting Directors of the area fell under her charm…

Determined, intelligent and talented, Katilé has definitely what it takes to become a great actress, it’s undeniable for all !