This beautiful young woman, perfectly bilingual, loooooooooves acting : drama classes, an improv pro, she has a very developed artistic side. Cheerleading, soccer, figure skating… nothing can stop her. As feminine as one of the boys, Madeleine has it all.

Barely entered in our industry, people were already saying she was a catch. Immediately comfortable with anyone, she’s outgoing, knows how to listen and quickly understands directions. Soon she booked a large principal as Gabrielle in the feature film A Colony, then follows a title role for another feature film in pre-production. In commercials, famous directors as Ricardo Trogi, Pierre Dalpé and Yves-Christian Fournier recognized her talent and hired her. In 2020, we saw her  in a recurrence on a French TV show called “Epidémie”. Also in “L’effet secondaire” for which she is a finalist in the 35th Edition of  the Gala “Les Gémeaux” as Best Female Supporting Role.

Watch her, she’ll definitely go far !