Graduated from Lionel-Groulx College, theater option in 2001, she quickly became part of our industry. As you can see in her resume, one after another, she’s booking roles on TV and film. Speaking perfectly French, English and being very good in Portuguese, she soon leaves on a tour around the world, with Le Carrousel, a theater company. Many of you know her for her TV News parody that she also has the honor to perform in first part of the Guy Nantel Gala Just for Laughs. Her epic sens of humor and her facility for imitations lead her to take part of the TV Show, “Ici, Laflaque”, for almost 10 years, in voice over and motion capture. Her passions are multiple and she’s not limiting herself to acting. It has been proven by the success of her cookbooks “La croûte cassée” and “Beau, bon, pas cher”, of which she is the co-author. In other things, she’s been a culinary columnist for few TV shows and a radio show on “La Première Chaîne” of CBC. The cherry on top of the cake, was her hosting her own TV show, “Les Solutions gourmandes”, for years on “Canal Vie”

Marie-Michelle is one of the most energetic artist, down-to-earth with a strong and remarkable presence. No doubt about it, she’s a great comedian, a great actress !