Quebecer of Italien origin, Roberto is a chameleon actor with the most varied achievements. He gives his characters a complete devotion by researching his subject and requires a rigorous preparation for each of his role. His interpretation of the albino drummer of Offenbach in the feature film “Gerry, toujours vivant”, leads him to learn a new musical instrument, to shave any signs of body hair and to lose more than 30 pounds. Right after, he will gain back his weight and will do bodybuilding for the film “Rédemption”. He will relive the experience of weight loss three months after for “Projet-M”, interpreting a Russian cosmonaut abandoned in his space station. He also learned the basis of the first langugage of his character. That’s how devoted he is. Starting his career on TV in 2007, he was a series regular in the famous show “Nos étés”, interpreting a member of a commune in the 70’s. Then is was seen for important roles in TV series “Musée Éden”, “Toute la vérité”, “Mirador” and lately, “L’Écrivain public 2”, to name just a few.

Simplicity and nervous energy properly define this unique Roberto that all have pleasure to work with.