Vincent Y.Bidjakin

Originally from Togo, Vincent lived there until the age of 7, then left to move with his mother and brother, in the suburbs of Paris. He grew up in a neighborhood where violence and difficulties were constantly present. He stayed away from this harmful environment and threw himself body and soul into soccer. He played it for about fifteen years. Due to his education and culture, a classical school curriculum was expected from him and his attraction and desire for the artistic industry, repressed, stifled by family pressures. He therefore obtained a French professional baccalaureate in energy and began working in building mechanic, still in France. Thirsty for novelty and wanting to explore other horizons, he arrived in Canada in the summer of 2016. He obtained a DEC in management and then completed a year in civil engineering, before his repressed desires resurfaced… Not feeling completely fulfilled, he took his courage and enrolled in the public workshops of the National Theater School in 2018. Finally, wings grew and his passion for the acting hit hard ! He says it’s the greatest revelation of his life.

Since then, he has been following private coaching, acting workshops, we notice him, we encourage him to go further, he accompanies young people wishing to enter theater schools and during auditions, he is the one who is spotted and questioned, encouraging him, once again, to practice this profession. And that’s how in 2022, he feels ready and decides to approach the agency and was invited to join.

Vincent speaks English, French and Ewe, a common language in West Africa. He has a great natural talent, with several strings to his bow and has skills that will quickly be recognized by our industry.